Ravebo strives for sustainability including environmental principles as an integral part of our business. This commitment is founded in our ambition to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We conform to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We comply with the applicable environmental and international laws. 

Climate Change

Ravebo is willing to contribute to societal needs and challenges through our business. Through our core business, we advance clean air and a better living environment through the development of our wet gas scrubbers. We support the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. We strive to reduce energy consumption and use cleaner and renewable energy sources to power our operations. We engage with our employees, and partners to try to minimize the carbon footprint of our services. As part of our management policy we consider new technologies; climate change is a part of our approach and we account it when doing business. 

Pollution prevention

At projects on site we prevent or attempt to limit the environmental impact by not using chemicals or to avoid environmental incidents by safely removing or containing pollutants before they can enter the environment. Ravebo pursues a policy aimed at preventing or limiting soil, water, light, noise and air pollution, the production or littering of waste products and the use of hazardous materials. This includes the separate collection and processing of waste and efficient use of water and energy.

Environmental Management

Environmental management is a priority for Ravebo. We seek to identify adverse environmental and social impacts caused by our business activities before they occur and take appropriate steps to avoid, cease, minimize or mitigate them. Where we may be directly linked to a significant adverse impact through a business relation we use our leverage to seek to influence the business relation to prevent or mitigate. 

Corporate Culture

We encourage awareness and motivation among our employees and others working on behalf of Ravebo in such a way that protection of the environment and respect for communities is a priority for everyone. We promote sustainability efforts.

Verbinden met Expertise

Bij Ravebo zijn we toegewijd aan het creëren van een duurzamere toekomst door geavanceerde technologie. Ons team van deskundigen staat klaar om u te voorzien van op maat gemaakt advies en oplossingen die aansluiten bij uw specifieke behoeften op het gebied van industriële gasreiniging en analyse. Of het nu gaat om een gedetailleerde vraag over onze producten, een offerte, of een gesprek over hoe we kunnen helpen uw milieu-impact te verminderen, we horen graag van u. Vul het onderstaande formulier in en een van onze specialisten neemt zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u op.

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