Engineering at Ravebo involves a team of skilled process engineers who specialize in designing the various gas cleaning systems, such as wet gas scrubbers, dust scrubbers, odour scrubbers, and droplet separation systems. Each system is customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer's process. To provide a clear visualization of the system, Ravebo utilizes a design package to create 3D presentations (Autodesk Inventor) that can be integrated into the customer's production installation. This approach offers the advantage of reducing lead time and costs, while also allowing the customer to see the end result during the quotation stage. Ravebo possesses essential competencies to successfully execute these projects, including a flexible organization, a design department with over 30 years of experience, an in-house assembly service, expertise in turnkey projects, and an application-oriented and pragmatic approach.

Design with CAD systems

Ravebo has its own team of technical construction draftsmen who employ the Autodesk Inventor software package in order to execute their projects. This software provides Ravebo with numerous possibilities and the necessary flexibility to conduct design studies for their clients. During the initial phase of the project, the construction draftsmen collaborate closely with the process engineers to develop the most optimal design that not only ensures functionality but also prioritizes ease of maintenance and high quality. Once the initial concept is formulated based on customers’ requirements, this concept is then sent to the customer for evaluation. This allows the customer to assess whether the installation can be successfully implemented at the desired location. Key aspects that require mutual agreement include dimensions, connection orientations, lifting options, inspection and access hatches, footprint, and operating weight.

Electrical design with Eplan

Our electrical engineers utilize the Eplan Electric P8 program for designing the control system. Eplan is a drawing program specifically used for creating electrical drawings. These drawings include wiring diagrams, article lists, cable lists, terminal overviews, and cabinet and panel views. Eplan is widely employed in hardware design and specialist panel building, and it has become the industry standard. The electrical drawings are the basis for our electricians to build the panels in house for the electrical cabinets. Here the PLC is also implemented.

PLC integration

Ravebo offers control systems with Siemens S7 PLC, in addition to providing a scrubber. This control system ensures that the installation functions precisely as intended by our engineers. Our team of experienced and certified program engineers write a control system that is customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer. For programming purposes, we utilize Siemens' TIA-Portal program. Additionally, we provide the option of remote monitoring for the installation, allowing us to make necessary adjustments in consultation with the customer. This can be achieved using an industrial 4G router or a PN/PN coupler.

Welding and construction shop

Ravebo operates well-equipped workshops where construction, welding, and assembly work are conducted for custom-made process installations and small series systems. Our team of draftsman-constructors, in collaboration with the production department, develop 3D designs using Autodesk Inventor software in the engineering department. These designs are then transformed into production drawings and can also undergo stress analysis. In addition to new construction installations, we also specialize in renovating and optimizing process installations, often requiring on-site work at the customer's location during a stop. To cater to small series and product improvement, we have a fully equipped construction workshop featuring a lathe, press brake, roller, and profile roller, enabling us to meet our customers’ specific requirements efficiently and promptly. In our welding workshop, we utilize Fronius welding equipment and employ various welding principles such as MIG/MAG and TIG.


We can also use process analyzers to control the installations. These systems can be configured and assembled by our engineers and can be installed on the process installation or placed on your own skid. The maintenance and calibration of these systems is carried out by our service engineers. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable field service engineers are capable of installing and commissioning your systems. With our "turnkey" approach, you can rest assured that your equipment will be expertly assembled, connected, and operational. This means that you will only need to communicate with one point of contact for your analyzer or detection system project.

Remote Monitoring

For added convenience, we provide the option of remote monitoring for the installation. This can be done in collaboration with the customer and their ICT/network specialist. Data logging can be stored locally or in the cloud. Our work planners oversee the entire process, from internal preparations to on-site work coordination with the customer. We discuss planning, required facilities, and address safety aspects through a TRA and/or Health, Safety and Environmental project plan.


Ravebo ensures safety in both our workshops and at our customers' locations by holding the SCC** 2017/6.0 certificate. Our operational employees are equipped with SCC basic and SCC full managers certifications. In addition, Ravebo maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification to uphold quality standards.

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