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Proces Equipment
At our Process Equipment department, we specialize in the design and construction of custom made gas treatment systems such as:
  • Scrubbers for effectively removing contaminant components from gas streams;
  • Vapor recovery systems which are designed to efficiently recover vapors thereby allowing them to be safely disposed of or reused.
  • Quenchers for very intensive cooling of (process) gas streams
  • High efficiency mist eliminators such as knock-out drums, vane separators, and wire mesh demisters;
Each of these technologies and equipment is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, with a focus on sustainability, efficiency, and compliance with environmental standards.
Our Measurement Technology department configures and supplies advanced gas analysis systems with a focus on environmental monitoring and detection equipment for occupational hygiene applications:
  • Gas and dust analyzers including FTIR, FID, and NDIR analyzers, for highly accurate detection and analysis of various gaseous components for critical applications in industry and research;
  • Gas conditioning and detection to ensure safe and reliable monitoring of gases in various environments;
  • Nano and particulate matter measurement technology, which are essential for assessing air quality and exposure risks;
  • Sampling techniques such as automatic and manual isokinetic sampling, sampling pumps, and techniques for emission and environmental immission.
Each technology and solution in our range is designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, in support of our customers' needs in occupational hygiene and environmental control.
Madeko ®
Our Madeko® department is a manufacturer of air-powered venturis and venturi systems. We offer an extensive range of products and solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers:
  • Venturi technology, known for its efficiency in creating vacuum or moving materials using compressed air.
  • Air movement and management: Our range includes Airmovers and Airjets for effectively controlling airflows, as well as applications.
  • Universal vacuums and industrial vacuum cleaners: We provide robust universal vacuums and stationary universal vacuum systems, in explosion-proof (Ex) versions;
Each of these products is carefully designed to ensure efficiency, safety, and durability, with options available for both standard and specific industrial applications, including environments where explosion safety is critical.
Our Marine department offers specialized maintenance services and supplies for a wide range of maritime equipment and systems, aimed at ensuring operational efficiency and safety at sea. Our offerings include:
Maintenance and supply of:
  • Branstrom 15 PPM Bilge Alarm systems, Oilcap Oil Detectors, Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems;
  • Georim 15 PPM Bilge Alarm systems, Bilge Alarm Information systems, and 15 PPM Bilge Separators;
  • Kangrim Boilers, Inert Gas Systems, and IGG Service;
  • Servomex: maintenance for their advanced gas analysis equipment;
  • Sunflame, maintenance of Incinerators and Rotary Cup Burners;
  • Nakakita Ballast Systems, 3 Way Mixing Control Valves, Rotary Plug, Automatic Indicating Controllers, Cage Type Control Valves, Control Valves, NS-C butterfly valves, Pressure/ Temperature Controllers, Positioners, Safety Valves, and Viscosity Transmitter Units;
  • Tanktech High Velocity Relief valves, UTI's (Ullage Temperature Interface detectors), and Tank Cleaning Machines.
Each of these services and products is designed to meet the high demands of the maritime industry, with a focus on reliability, safety, and compliance with international maritime regulations.