clark reliance

Level instrumentation
All Clark-Reliance level gauges for steam applications and associated components are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the ASME code. Of particular interest is that all steel level gauges are welded according to the specifications of the ASME code and procedures. The water columns and associated components such as meters and valves are hydrostatically tested at 150% of the design pressure.
Today, Clark-Reliance an established name and creates water level gauges. The current, advanced products are new versions of the level gauges, which by Reliance Gauge Column co., America's oldest and most respected manufacturer of exclusive boilers have been developed.

Level gauges
A water level gauge glass serves to make visible the water level in the boiler. At too low a water level, a water tube boiler will not be able to adequately circulate water through the water pipes. When this occurs the pipes become too hot and burn through. In other boilers, the measurement point will be above the highest point of the heated surface. Such as the top plates of flame closets. There should be sufficient water height, so that these are also still sufficiently cooled by the swinging and pitching of a ship. At too high a water level, the steam space may be too small, so that water is entrained with the steam, and can cause damage to the machine. For high pressures other level gauges are used as the glass sight gauges are primarily used for low pressures.

Level alarm
All Clark-Reliance level alarm equipment is CSA and FM approved to low water cut-out to give both primary and secondary. For existing float constructions (EA100) Clark-Reliance has an alternative product Retropak Cap Assembly, i.e. in the absence of an adjustment to the steam boilers can be mounted.

Level gauges with remote sensors
These level gauges of Clark-Reliance are equipped with electrical contacts, which are connected to a display on up to 300 metres away. There are also additional contacts available, which can serve as early warning signals
- CSA/FM approved
- CE approved

Steamdrums up to 206 bar
Feeding water boilers
Condensation tanks

Water Columns 
All Clark-Reliance water columns and components are designed and manufactured in total compliance with ASME boiler code provisions. Of special importance, all steel water columns are welded according to specific ASME code provisions and procedures, water columns and components such as gages and valves are hydrostatically tested to 150% of design pressure. Today, Clark-Reliance continues as the foremost name in water column technology and manufacturing. Current, advanced products are modern-day versions of columns and trim pioneered by the Reliance Gauge Column Co., America’s oldest and most respected exclusive boiler trim manufacturer.

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