Service, calibration and spare-parts partner for technical equipment and instrumentation for marine and offshore.

Ravebo is a service, calibration and sales company in which we have represented several major manufacturers in the marine and offshore fields for many years. Since 1982, Ravebo have operated from Brielle, situated in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam. The ports of Amsterdam and Antwerp are within a one hour drive.

A part of Ravebo’s expertise is within the fields of calibration, service, maintenance and automation. The other part of our expertise is with the supply of spare parts and reconditioned spares. We are the official authorized service and sales representatives for the following companies.:
Brannstrom, Georim, KangRim, Nakakita, Sambu Engineering, Sunflame, Tanktech and Mirae.

As we have daily contact with our principles, we can provide on time and precise technical support. Because of our years of experience and because quality is our most important point of view, we have been able to prove ourselves to a worldwide clientele. We do not choose the easiest options, but the best that is available. Due to this way of thinking and our 24/7 availability, Ravebo has become a household name in service and calibration. Our customers often tell us that Ravebo are their first port of call when assistance is required.